Japan Summer Programs (High School): Dates & Fees

2024 program dates and fees:

Program Stream Type Dates Weeks Deadline*  Fee2 **
Youth Immersion E Jul 13-Aug 4, 2024 [3] full US 3145
Culture Discovery A Jul 6-Aug 3, 2024 [4] full US 3945
B Aug 3-24, 2024 [3] contact us US 3745
C Jul 6-Aug 24, 2024 [7] full US 6545


Program Highlights:

Youth Immersion Stream (Tokyo E): 
--Good supervision, best for students first time to Japan.
--More host family arranged culture activities and experiences.
--Mainly a high School age group.
--Better supervision and supports for high school students.
--Comprehensive transportation support with airport pickup, drop off and commute pass.

Culture Discovery Stream (Tokyo A, B, C):
--More organized school culture activities and trips.
--Limited supervision, strong independence expected.
--More free time to explore yourself or with your friends, best for very independent students.
--Essential transportation support with airport pickup (NO airport drop off, No commute pass)

* Deadlines:
program may close early spaces are filled. After deadline applications are only taken if spaces are available.

* Group Plan: We encourage you to bring friends to share the experience, come as a group of 3 or more, each student receives a $100 rebate.

Age requirements:
Tokyo E: 14-18 by the program start date.
Tokyo A-C: minimum age 16 by the program start date.

**  Fees:
Program fee adjusted due to currency rate and is subject to change without prior notice.
Air ticket is NOT included in the program fee, if you need travel agency information, please contact us.
For Tokyo E: Japan Youth Immersion, the program fee includes:
Tuition and textbook for all courses.
Homestay only.
Meals except lunch on school days.
Culture activities and city trips.
Commuting pass from host family's house to school.
TWO-way airport transfer: Airport pickup and drop offs.
Arrival and departure group gathering.
Comprehensive pre-departure guide and preparation.
Travel medical insurance (certain conditions apply).

For Tokyo A, B & C (Japan Culture Discovery Programs), the program fee includes:
Tuition and textbook for all courses.
Accommodation: homestay, dormitory or apartment (subject to a surcharge).
Homestay meals except lunch on school days (dormitory or apartment does not have meals).
Variety of culture activities, city and overnight trips.
Airport pickup (NO drop off).
Pre-departure guide.

Air fare is not included in the program fee.
Meals are provided in homestay, but NOT in dormitory. Dormitories are provided by third party companies; they have shared kitchens and washrooms. For dormitories, a deposit is required, it will be refunded when students move out after deducting the cleaning, electricity and damage charges.

Financial aid:

Presently there is no major financial aid available to high school students.   Limited bursaries (in the amount of $300 USD each) maybe applied to the Japan Youth Immersion stream, please ask us for application form. Your school counselor or teacher is required to sign the form

You can also check the financial aid page to find outside funding resources.


As our students come from different cities, there is no group travel is arranged so that we pass on the savings to make the program affordable.  We do offer necessary travel assistance to our students including the following:
1. Providing travel agency contacts in North America.
2. Sending all students pre-departure guide on travel issues.
3. Airport pickup in Tokyo, Japan.
4. Emergency contact numbers for airport pickups.
5. Cell phone rental information in Japan is needed.
Please note that the Japan Youth Immersion (Tokyo E) program also provides airport drop offs, while the Culture Discovery Programs (Tokyo A, B & C) only provide directions to airport upon request when leave Japan, usually this is not a problem for students.