Korea Summer Program for High School Students

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Features of high school Korea summer program:

  • --Major high school group in Korea
  • --Language classes on university campus
  • --Homestay with warm-hearted families
  • --Wide spectrum of culture activities and trips.


Our Korea program is the only large annual group for high school student in Korea with a group size of about 25-30 students. With a feature of university campus study and homestay living, the program gives high school students a rich experience.

This junior Korean Summer program is open to students age 14 -18, it operates as a summer camp type of setting with a broad spectrum of culture, trips and activities and homestay with our warm hearted host families.

    The language study is hosted at a local university, which provides high quality instructions, a safe and comfortable learning environment.   Staying with a local host family allows students to immerse in the local language and culture, and interact with local people.   The trips and culture lessons are to complement the language classes to make a fun and enriching experience.

Age requirements:

Minimum age 14 years old by the program start date.  Our students come from different countries around the world, from USA, Canada, and European countries, etc. It is a great opportunity to make new friends.


To request an electronic brochure, you can send an email to: consultant@langubridge.org, please put "Korea  brochure: high school" in the subject line.

Video from a high school Korea summer student (Alice Cooke)