Korea Summer Immersion Program: Homestay or Dormitory


We are the only major summer group in Korea with a homestay focus. The homestay allows students to live with local warm-hearted Korean families, it is a quick way to improve the Koran language and learn the culture.  Our host families belong to a local culture exchange organization, so we know them very well, and they are very interested in sharing the Korean culture with international students.   Every student usually has his or her own bedroom.  Meals are provided by the host family: Monday to Saturday two meals a day and 3 meals on Sundays.   except lunch on school days.  Usually host families do not speak fluent English, but most can speak and understand basic English.


  Dormitory is provided to students for easy access to classrooms, it is about 10 minutes' walk to classroom building or to subway station, saves student commuting time and expenses, and there is easy access to many other locations.  They are single rooms with private shower and washroom.  The rooms are nice and can give you a comfortable living.

with host family