High School Summer Programs: China, Korea and Japan

13641141_1285684761442877_26357621817822682_oWe have Beijing, China, Seoul, Korea, and Tokyo, JapanSummer Programs for high school students to choose from.
The China Summer Program features on campus living and wide spectrum of culture activities,
The Japan and Korea summer programs feature homestay and culture activities.
Our summer programs, offer teen students an immersion experience with intense language learning and cultural explorations.
From intensive classes conducted by qualified instructors, a broad spectrum of culture and trip activities, supervision, to a safe living, and a team of friendly staff and teachers, we make sure that all students get a rich and smooth experience.  Our students come from many different countries around the world, mainly from USA, Canada, and European countries. It is a great opportunity to make new friends.
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China summer program;
Korea summer program;
Japan summer program;