China Summer Immersion Program (High School): Schedules

Bejing, China high school summer highlights:

Study on university campus

Wide mix of language and culture activities.

On campus accommodations.

Dates & fees

Jun 30-Jul 27, 2024 (4-week)


China-Beijing: Jun 30-Jul 27, 2024 (4-week )
China-Beijing: Jun 29-Jul 27, 2024 (4-week )

Note: Schedule subject to changes, activities and trips may vary from the current one.

SunJul 14Free time with your host family or friends

Day Date AM PM
Sat Jun 29
Sun Jun 30 Arrival/Airport pickup
Mon Jul 1 Orientation/ Placement Test Trip: Beijing Zoo
Tue Jul 2 Lessons Trip: Forbidden City
Wed Jul 3 Lessons Free time
Thr Jul 4 Lessons Trip: Summer Palace
Fri Jul 5 Lessons Culture: Calligraphy
Sat Jul 6 Trip: the Great Wall (all day)
Sun Jul 7 Free time with your friends
Mon Jul 8 Lessons Trip: Temple of Heaven
Tue Jul 9 Lessons Trip: Qianmen
Wed Jul 10 Lessons Culture: Paper Cutting
Thr Jul 11 Lessons Trip: Yonghe Temple
Fri Jul 12 Lessons Trip: Wangfujing
Sat Jul 13 Trip: The Expo
Sun Jul 14 Free time with your friends
Mon Jul 15 Lessons Culture: Shadow Puppet Park
Tue Jul 16 Lessons Free Time
Wed Jul 17 Lessons Trip: Capital Museum
Thr Jul 18 Lessons Culture: Taichi
Fri Jul 19 Lessons Movie
Sat Jul 20  Trip: Gubei Water Town (all day)
Sun Jul 21 Free time with your friends
Mon Jul 22 Lessons Culture: Kongfu Show
Tue Jul 23 Lessons Trip: National Musuem
Wed Jul 24 Lessons Culture: Round Fan
Thr Jul 25 Lessons Trip: Dazhong Temple
Fri Jul 26 Lessons Free Time
Sat Jul 27 Departure / Airport drop off

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