Japan Summer Programs with Homestay or Dormitory

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Features of Japan summer programs:
~ Studying in the heart of Japan, Tokyo,
~ A variety of language classes to fit your level,
~ Different housing options: homestay, dormitories and apartments,
~ Full program of activities and excursions,
~ Enriched program with affordable fees.


The Japan summer programs for students over 18 year old feature a theme of culture discovery integrated with language learning. The Japanese language classes will be taught in a combination of Japanese and English, which a focus on the spoken in the lower levels, while higher levels have a better balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Prior knowledge in Japanese in not required, although many students do. The culture classes and excursions provide students with opportunities to experience the Japanese arts and culture in Tokyo and surrounding areas. The homestay experience allows you to experience the real Japan, while dormitories is provided to those students who wants to living in a group setting.