Korea Summer Program with Homestay (18+)

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Features of Korea summer program:

  • Korean courses on university campus with certificate upon completion
  • Homestay with warm-hearted families
  • Wide spectrum of culture activities and trips.
  • Located in Seoul with easy access to subway.

13775754_1015162498598388_6872050870813705110_nThe Korea summer programs features a theme of culture discovery integrated with language learning. The Korean language classes are hosted at a local university, and are taught in a combination of Korean and English, which a focus on the speaking and listening skills.  Prior knowledge in Korean in not required, although some students do.   The culture classes and excursions provide students with opportunities to experience the Korean arts and culture in Seoul and surrounding areas.  The homestay experience allows students to experience the real Korea by close interaction with local families.

    Age requirements:

Minimum age 18 years old by the program start date.  Our students come from different countries around the world, from USA, Canada, and European countries, etc. It is a great opportunity to make new friends.


To request an electronic brochure, you can send an email to: consultant@langubridge.org, please put "Korea  brochure: 18+" in the subject line.

Video from a Korea summer program student