China Summer Programs (High School): Classes & Trips

Courses & Trips:

   The China summer programs have a mix of class learning, Chinese language activities, culture exposures, and culture trips.  The Japanese classes are conducted by teachers with experience in teaching Chinese language to international students.  Students are separated into different classes according to their language proficiency.

    The program is hosted on university campus with language classes, culture and organized city trips, it focuses on experiencing the Chinese culture and improve the language in a short period of time.  During the free time in some afternoons or on Sundays, students normally prefer to spend their time with new friends.  Students stay in dormitories on campus.

     The classes are Monday to Friday 15 lessons a week.  They run in the morning from 9:00am-12:00pm.   The classrooms are located on university campus.  Many culture activities and trips are included, they range from Chinese fan making to calligraphy, from Forbidden City to the Great Wall, etc.  Please refer to the program schedule for details.


   Credit transfer is maybe possible for high school students. Please check with your school counsellor. Upon successfully finishing your courses, you will be provided with certificate, or letter of attendance stating the courses you completed, level, hours, and grade.

   We can send you a course description if you intend to apply for a credit transfer, please bring it to your academic advisor.