High School Summer Programs: China, Korea and Japan


Explore the vibrant cultures of East Asia with our exceptional summer programs tailored for high school students in Beijing, China (4 weeks from USD 2975), Seoul, Korea (3 to 6 weeks from USD 3945), and Tokyo, Japan (3 to 7 weeks from USD 3145).

With a program fee starting at USD 2975, the China Summer Program spans four immersive weeks with on-campus living and a diverse range of cultural activities. Meanwhile, our Japan and Korea summer programs offer a unique homestay experience coupled with engaging cultural activities. Our summer programs provide teenagers with a comprehensive immersion, fostering intense language learning and meaningful cultural explorations.

Led by qualified instructors, the programs boast intensive classes, a wide array of cultural and excursion activities, attentive supervision, secure living arrangements, and a team of approachable and supportive staff and teachers. We are committed to ensuring that every student enjoys a rich and seamless experience. Drawing participants from various corners of the globe, including the USA, Canada, and European countries, our programs provide a fantastic opportunity to forge lasting friendships while delving into the heart of East Asian cultures.

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