terms of service

By using this site or the services that LanguBridge Education Centre provides, you (the participant) agree that you have read and accepted the following:
You have read all the LanguBridge Education Centre materials: the program information and forms, policies, and any other information on the website or received from LanguBridge Education Centre. You understand and accept the conditions under which these programs will be conducted and the schedules may subject to change. You understand that you are traveling to a foreign country, LanguBridge Education Centre is not liable for any loss or harm you may suffer on your international travel and participation in this program. You realize that you are responsible for all your actions in the destination country. You are responsible for knowing about and obeying the laws of the country, the regulations in the hosting school and the hosting family, and LanguBridge Education Centre is not responsible for your actions. You also give LanguBridge my consent to take photographs or videos and reproduce such photography or videos for use in promotional materials or publications of LanguBridge or its host schools. If you prefer not to be in such videos or photographs, you will write a notice to specify that.