Japan Summer Programs (High School): Homestay and Dormitory

imgp9918-2s Immersion Homestay

   The homestay in the Youth Immersion program allows students to integrate with the life of warm-hearted Japanese families, it is a major part of the program that allows students learn the Japanese language and expose to the culture with direct experience.   Usually the host families will schedule some activities to do with the students in the weekends to further expland their knowledge about Japan.   Students have their own bedroom.  Meals are provided by the host family except lunch on school days.   Usually your host families do no speak fluent English, but most of them can speak and understand basic English.

Culture Discovery Homestay and Dormitory: 

For those students that are approved to the culture discovery program, the homestay allow them to experience some local life.  Students generally have more free time to explore the city on their own or with their friends, usually in some afternoons or on Sunday.  For those students who want to live in dormitory, it allows them to stay together with other students. The dormitories are  provided and managed by third parties, and it is NOT on campus.  Meals are not provided, but students can cook in the shared kitchen.  However, there are usually some places to dine within walking distance.